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  1. Tools
    1. Qt / Qt creator
    2. Doxygen
    3. Mercurial
    4. This Wiki: Windows Live Writer
  2. Code
    1. Code is written object oriented in C++ /Qt.
    2. Documentation is generated with Doxygen.
  3. Design rules
    1. Doxygen / Qt style  annotations are mandatory.
    2. Use a fork for your tests!
    3. Provide Unit tests.



Writing documentation

Setting up your project structure

  1. You need to download this project’s source code here, the easiest way is to download the packed version and then to sync it with the repository
  2. Download QtWebApp and unpack it as sibling project in the current directory as shown below. See

This is how it should look like.

  1. FsxWsQtLibs might not be included in the packed file, it is just containing the require Qt dlls to get a running exe
  2. FsxWsDoc contains the Doxygen help (also might be excluded from the packed file)
  3. FsxWebService is our source code, under source control
  4. The Microsoft FSX SDK header files belong under FsxSimConnect




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